Unveiling the Secrets of Powerful Trend-Following Systems

Q1: What makes trend-following systems effective, and in what market conditions do they excel?

Trend Following systems exploits large price movements caused by human emotions like greed and fear. Historical research and real-world examples demonstrate their effectiveness during periods like the 2020 Corona crash and the 2008 financial crisis.

Q2: What mindset is required for successful trend following, and how does it differ from conventional trading approaches?

  1. Successful trend following requires a counterintuitive mindset, emphasizing the strategy of buying high and selling higher, opposite to the common buy low, sell high approach.

  2. Traders must be comfortable with short-term losses in anticipation of larger gains later.

Q3: Why is proper risk management crucial in trend-following systems, and what are the typical winning accuracy and risk-reward ratios?

  1. Winning accuracy typically hovers around 35% to 45%, but risk-reward ratios compensate for this.

  2. Fixed targets are discouraged as they can limit potential gains from large trends.

  3. Trend Following follows the Pareto principle, with 80% of profits coming from 20% of trades only.

Additional Key Points:

  1. Trend-following systems demand psychological resilience to withstand drawdowns and small losses.

  2. Understanding the distribution of profits and losses is crucial for managing expectations and maintaining discipline in trend-following systems.

A Simple Intraday Trend Following Strategy in BankNifty

As traders, we generally maintain a bullish perspective on Bank Nifty, choosing to go long in intraday. Also, we find that Bank Nifty tends to exhibit more defined trends compared to Nifty.

In our intraday approach, we rely on a 3-minute candle chart, incorporating Pivot Points and the Relative Strength Index (RSI). Our preference lies with weekly options, specifically opting for call options with a premium of around 400.

Our buy signal is triggered when the 3-minute candle closes above the first Pivot Resistance R1, accompanied by RSI trading above 70. Our exit strategy comes into play when the candle crosses below the Supertrend line. You can visualize our strategy in the chart provided.

Back-testing the strategy on Quantman has given the following results:

Strategy Automation:

The execution of this Trend following strategy can be easily automated using ‘Quantman’ – Algo trading platform.

QuantMan Algo Trading is a popular choice for both beginners and experienced traders who want to create, backtest, and automate their trading strategies. It is relatively easy to use and offers a variety of risk management features that can help traders to improve their performance.

Here are some of the benefits of using ‘QuantMan’ Algo Trading:

  • It can help traders to save time and effort by automating their trading.

  • It can help traders reduce their risk by allowing them to backtest their strategies on historical data.

  • It can help traders to improve their performance by providing them with a variety of tools and resources.

  • It is relatively easy to use, even for traders with no coding knowledge.

To learn more about Quantman, please click on this link: https://www.quantman.in/faq/


Trend following is a robust strategy for traders, focusing on market momentum, technical analysis, and effective risk management. Despite challenges, its advantages make it a compelling choice for long-term trading success. Embrace its power to guide decisions and unlock profitability in your trading journey.